Menopause can be overwhelming. Sleeplessness, hot flushes, irritability, low mood, brain fog, loss of libido, headaches, joint pain, poor memory and concentration, exhaustion and loss of confidence are all very common symptoms.

I hold the British Menopause Society Faculty of Reproductive Healthcare Special Skills certificate in Menopause care (Advanced) - meaning I am a registered menopause specialist and have provided independent menopause clinics since 2012.

At Menopause Expert Ltd all women can be accommodated – including progestogen intolerance, post cancer and early menopause/POI.

Browsing Kathies website on a laptopMenopause can be devastating for some women. It often occurs at a time in life when they are juggling lots of competing roles – elderly parents with failing health, teen/adult children worries, possibly caring for grandchildren as well as doing their own job.

I’ve met many women who simply stop coping. Through fatigue from sleeplessness and anxiety about severe flushes they lose a sense of self and become withdrawn…isolated….depressed. Libido disappears.

Relationships suffer, and breakdown. Many women walk away from their career.

Some women are plunged into menopause overnight – possibly after cancer treatments. As well as the significant menopause symptoms and treatment side effects, they have the emotional rollercoaster of their cancer diagnosis to contend with.

And younger women, who may not have started, or completed, their family, can enter early menopause. Their situation is complicated by the emotional burden of adjusting to a different future. Long-term heart and bone health can be another worry. Menopause Expert Liverpool supports all women to make fully informed choices about their menopause.

Private Consultations

Completely accessible face to face as well as phone and video consultations in a pleasant, relaxed, environment at a central Liverpool location.

All women can be accommodated – including progestogen intolerance, post cancer and those diagnosed with early menopause/premature insufficiency.

Women will be listened to and will have plenty of time.

FAQ's about a consultation

Treatment Options

Following an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment; all treatment options will be discussed. Together, a holistic individualised plan to manage menopause will be agreed; this may include HRT as well as lifestyle improvements, non-hormonal treatments and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Ongoing Advice and Support to Suit You

Ongoing informal support after your consultation - if appropriate - is available via telephone / email.
A follow up appointment can be arranged for a formal review, a few months after your consultation to assess satisfaction with and effectiveness of treatments started and to initiate any further prescriptions.


Prescriptions will generally be issued at first appointment.

For more information click here

You can directly access The Independent Pharmacy/Menopause Expert portal here


After being undiagnosed and feeling helpless and low for so long I almost lost hope. I felt that I would just have to put up with this life changing event and get on with it because the advice I was given was “it’s natural to feel like this at your age, all women go through menopause, just get on with it”. Trying to get HRT was an uphill battle, nobody would listen to me, and I found it so hard to advocate for myself as my confidence was so low. Then I found Kathie. Kathie is a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and I can’t thank her enough. She listened, without judgment, and she understood how I was feeling and what I was going through. Her calmness, gentleness and compassion meant I came away from my appointment filled with confidence that I wasn’t going to have to deal with this on my own anymore.

The prescription was sorted the same day and at a very reasonable cost. Kathie also sent a comprehensive report to myself and my GP, again straight away. This means going forward it’s there in black & white, a detailed & easy to follow treatment plan that my GP will understand and know exactly where I am up to. I haven’t even started with the treatment yet, but I already feel like I have taken back control of my life. Going forward I know Kathie is there to help and guide me through my menopause journey and going forward Kathie will be the person I consult as I know I can trust her, she’s amazing and her knowledge and expertise is so reassuring.
Thank you Kathie!

- S.C. August 2021

Kathie was approachable and made me feel at ease and listened to. She used her knowledge and experience to explain the different types of HRT available to me, which enabled me to make a decision on which type to choose.
Kathie sent me a copy of her report which was also sent to my GP, and further information for me to read which was beneficial. I would highly recommend a consultation with Kathie to get the support and treatment you might require in a friendly environment.

JC - December 2023

I came away feeling empowered and "heard". Kathie put me at ease and the surroundings were also calming and quiet. She listened attentively and thoroughly explained all my options. I'm hoping my GP can continue my care on the NHS, but I know I can always return to Kathie if I run into any problems.

VH - December 2023

I feel so much better after speaking to Kathie and so confident in the decisions I have made.

DFG - November 2023

The whole consultation was handled with care, compassion and discretion. I was given lots of information, many of it new. The whole experience was fantastic and put me at ease.

NN - November 2023

Explained everything in detail and was honest regarding my issue, sometimes HRT isn’t the answer, other products need to tried in order to manage the problem.

LA - November 2023

Maybe payments could be made via instalments for women who cannot afford private health care. Thanks

LG - October 2023

Feel very supported by Kathie and it is so helpful that the consultation notes are sent to my GP

BT - October 2023

I love the fact that she said I could message or email her if I had questions or advice.

CE - October 2023

Kathie was very kind, patient and non judgmental. I felt ‘listened’ to finally. Thank you!

NKB - October 2023

We booked Kathie to join us for a lunchtime meeting with staff, for our newly established Menopause Support Group. We had 23 people join the session, which was our best attended meeting yet, some people joining in-person and other staff on MS Teams.
Kathie managed the session brilliantly, giving some initial information on menopause symptoms and different treatments, including HRT as well as more holistic strategies such as food supplements and acupuncture. She was able to reassure people... Read More

DK, Director of HR at Career Connect - October 2023)

Thank you, I wish all health professionals had a better understanding of the impact of menopause, it was so refreshing. I learned things I never knew, which will certainly have a positive impact on my life going forward..

KB - September 2023

I was skeptical about the appointment and felt it might have been the same as it was at the GP. Kathie was clear in explaining the different types of HRT, the risks and the benefits and let me feel I had autonomy over the next step. I felt understood and heard.

BW - September 2023

Within minutes of meeting Kathie I knew I had made the right decision in booking a consultation. She made me feel at ease immediately and I could discuss my symptoms and issues comfortably. Kathie is extremely knowledgeable, honest and thorough, sending helpful links to articles and a summary of our meeting via email, as well as arranging a prescription and informing my GP of my healthcare plan.

VS - September 2023

I have seen Kathie a few times since my first consultation two years ago and she has been so helpful to me. I have quite a complex medical history which is quite hard to discuss in a standard 10 minute GP appointment. She came highly recommended to me and my own GP is hugely impressed with her work and reputation.

NK - August 2023

It felt incredibly beneficial to have all that time to talk about my experiences, without feeling embarrassed or boring (or minding about having a good cry in the midst of it all). It was a real relief to be able to discuss things I'd read or been told and have Kathie give me her insights. The whole field of menopause symptoms and potential treatments is so wide and confusing (especially if your brain is foggy!) and I left feeling much more confident about trying particular things to see if... Read More

AF - August 2023

I appreciated the time Kathie took to explain in detail a regime for me personally and never felt rushed in any way to say it was a timed, private consultation. I was told to contact her at any time if any further queries which I did and a very quick response received, just an excellent service.

CH - July 2023

Very happy with the service and advice given, would recommend

TH - July 2023

I booked in for a review, no particular concerns. Delighted to have had the consultation and remain reassured

TG - July 2023

I feel like my black cloud is lifting away - thank you!

EW - July 2023

Felt that Kathie had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with me, was understanding and very caring. Her PA Rachel was also amazing and they both really went out of their way to find me an appointment as soon as possible as I was really struggling emotionally and with my current menopause symptoms.

AM - May 2023

Kathie I really appreciated your gentle consultation manner

JC - April 2023

Quality of meeting - on line - was poor and Kathie kept freezing and was blurred throughout so that could be improved from my perspective.

MW - April 2023

Although I had previously had a consultation with my GP I still felt anxious about having HRT because of reading conflicting information on line with regards to health risks. Kathie is so very knowledgeable, all my concerns were addressed in a professional and caring manner, my prescription was altered to suit my health issues which completely put my mind at rest. My only regret is I didn’t meet Kathie years ago. I have always been under the impression I wasn’t able to have HRT and have... Read More

JM - April 2023

Kathie helped me massively, she was kind enough to read my pelvic ultrasound results and explain them in detail. The contact she made with my GP prompted further actions which has been a help with my general health and well being. The extra HRT I’m now on is making a big difference to how I feel. Best thing I did for myself was making that first appointment.

UA - March 2023

I was really impressed how she was interested in me (the patient) and listened to everything I told her and her advice /treatments felt personal to my needs . I felt very comfortable with her and didn’t feel rushed .

JS - March 2023

Kathie has a really lovely manner and was approachable. Answered all my questions and concerns. First time in all my years of visiting doctors relating to my female health where I have left the room feeling like I knew what would happen next. Thanks again for your help

RM - March 2023

Having felt dismissed by my GP, I took a lot of time researching the best person to discuss my symptoms with. Kathie's clearly very experienced in her speciality, and that really comes across in the consultation. Her history taking is very thorough, and her responses are evidenced based and easy to understand. Kathie validated the symptoms I have been experiencing, and together, we formulated an individualised plan that was sent to my GP. I came away with a sense of relief. Thank you Kathie.

RW - February 2023

Everything was great but I especially liked that I was listened to and not fobbed off. I had all of the options explained to me so I could pick the best course of treatment. I felt valued and left feeling very hopeful about the future.

JB - February 2023

My appointment with Kathie has made me feel more confident about dealing with menopause. Her knowledge, sincerity & support has allowed me to move forward with a renewed positivity

CM - January 2023

It’s really nice that Kathie gives the option of informal follow up emails - thank you. This shows your level of care beyond a business model for private healthcare.

HH - January 2023

I’ve been piecing the pieces of this puzzle together for years which at my young age was hard. Kathie made me feel so understood, took away all of my concerns and has given me the answers I’ve been searching for so long. I’m so grateful.

RJ - January 2023

Kathie genuinely asked to me report back how the medication went. If not successful she would re-look at my options.

LS - December 2022

Kathie was very informative about the menopause and repeating this a couple of times as my concentration is not the best at the moment, but she was patient and helped me understand the risks and benefits of using HRT. The consultation fee was a little expensive, but I have my prescription today and Kathie has wrote a letter to my GP, which I have received a copy of and other useful information that helps me to understand how best to support my mental health at this I have felt like I... Read More

CE - December 2023

So glad I'm under Kathie's care. Felt so much better since my first appointment & having her continued support.

MC - December 2022

Thank you, was really pleased with the outcome of the appointment; Kathie was really easy to talk to and I really valued her honest and transparent approach

AM - November 2022

I left my consultation with Kathie feeling as though a weight had been lifted. She was very thorough with her questions and explanation of the different types of HRT. We made a plan including a plan B and C, based on all that we had discussed together.
Kathie has given me a better understanding of the options available to me which has given me the knowledge and confidence to go to my GP if in the future my prescription needs a tweak.
I am now on day 5 of my new HRT regime and I am already... Read More

 CO - November 2022

I felt that Kathie was lovely & was very easy to talk to, I felt very reassured that I was talking to someone who has a wealth of up to date knowledge and experience. I felt she was really listening to the issues I'm dealing with and understood them, I was able to ask whatever questions I had. I also think it's great that Kathie allows patients to text or email with any questions after the consultation, and encourages them to keep her updated and doesn't charge for this. I feel so much more... Read More

GG - October 2022

I am so pleased with my consultation and the fact that Kathie was very reassuring in case I needed to email or text with any follow up questions

September 2022

I found Kathie so warm and welcoming. She explains things so clearly and reassured me in so many ways. She was happy to answer all questions and I left feeling so much more relaxed about everything

September 2022

I just want to thanks Kathie for explaining everything about HRT to me and my partner. i now understand why I have been feeling the way I have for so long. I can now finally see a light a the end of a very dark tunnel and I feel like there are other options now.

September 2022

very informative, great listener and I've already recommended her to a friend

August 2022

I am so glad I booked to see Kathie. her knowledge on women's health and menopause issues was amazing. Kathie put me at ease immediately and was very down to earth and listened to me at every step, something I don't always feel a GP does. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathie to my friends and family. I cannot wait to start on the correct path for me. Thankyou Kathie

August 2022

due to unforeseen circumstances I had to change my face to face appointment at the last minute as I couldn't attend in person. Kathie's PA Rachel was very helpful and accommodating in facilitating that change and made it easy and trouble free

August 2022

I came to Kathie as I wanted to know about options to help the menopause following breast cancer. Kathie is extremely knowledgeable and the hour I spent with her invaluable, we discussed my menopause symptoms in detail and what treatment would be best suited to me. The decision on how to manage the menopause is mine but I feel much happier knowing the facts and that I’m not alone. A big thank you to Kathie.

JH - May 2022

Kathie was so helpful during my appointment. I had been really nervous prior to attending but Kathie was so warm and compassionate and explained everything really well.
She was extremely helpful in dealing with all of my concerns as well as working with me and my GP to get the desired outcome.
I cannot recommend Kathie enough.

LC - April 2022

My consultation with Kathie Cooke was very positive. We developed a rapport very quickly, fully discussing medical and social history in relation to my menopausal symptoms. What a relief to talk to a health care professional who understood me, my desire to feel better in many aspects of my life and offer me some hope of a brighter future. Her clear, no-jargon way of explaining choices, benefits and risks of treatments available to me was such a relief, leading me to feel back in control of my... Read More

CW - April 2022

Yes I found the advice given very useful

WR - April 2022

I had been struggling with my medication prescribed by my GP.
Kathie came recommended to me by a client of mine.
My consultation was thorough answering all my issues, I wish had made an appointment earlier. I would highly recommend Kathie.

LT - April 2022

Everything about my appointment with Kathie was positive, from the initial booking process to the moment I walked out of the building. Kathie is professional, warm, calming and very knowledgeable and I felt instantly at ease. She allowed plenty of time for questions and I felt 'listened to'. I left feeling lighter in spirit and happier! I now feel confident in my decisions surrounding perimenopause/menopause and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anybody who is struggling or who needs... Read More

MR - April 2022

A really helpful thorough and unrushed discussion. My resulting prescription has improved symptoms hugely. Thank you. I have already recommended you to several people.

HO - April 2022

A really helpful thorough and unrushed discussion. My resulting prescription has improved symptoms hugely. Thank you. I have already recommended you to several people.

NB - April 2022

Kathie was wonderful and gave me lots of useful information in a professional and supportive manner. Thank you Kathie.

JK - April 2022

Kathie is so knowledgeable, thorough and reassuring. The treatment options were fully explained and my prescription was approved right away, with clear instructions enabling me to order my prescription which arrived within a few days of my appointment! My consultation summary and prescription were emailed to me and sent to my GP. I received lots of help and advice both during and after my consultation. I’m so glad I made my appointment and would highly recommend Kathie to anyone seeking help... Read More

CS - April 2022

My consultation with Kathie was very insightful. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in regards to all aspects of the menopause. Kathie normalised things for me, I felt confident to make informed decisions regarding which HRT would work best for me and I feel able to go back and ask further questions should I feel the need.

SW - April 2022

The consultation was brilliant, really informative. I felt so much better just to know that my symptoms were normal and can be helped with medication.
I have completed the online prescription, that went through no problem (well so far) and expecting delivery of the products in the coming days.
Once again a big thank you. I am confident that I will return to my human self now.
Best wishes

KW - April 2022

Kathie is very friendly and easy to talk to. Very professional and knowledgeable she listens and works to get the correct help for YOU
I’m glad I made my appointment.

Post appoint: have emailed or text a few times just with general questions and worries . Kathie always responds and advices on current meds I have been given.
If I should find I would need help again I wouldn’t hesitate to book another appointment.
I would recommend and already have,
I can see that light at the... Read More

DC - March 2022

After many, many month of trying to get my GP to listen to me, and getting no support I was at my lowest point. Kathie really listened to me, she showed such empathy and explained why I was feeling the way I do, she gave me options and I came out with a plan. I know she is there if I need further support or have any questions. I can’t thank Kathie enough.

KD - March 2022

I found Kathie to be full of information and really reassuring in the options I had relating to my family history. When I had questions Kathie had no problem answering them showing to me she had a great understanding and knowledge in her field, something I had previously not experienced with other professionals.
Kathie made me feel comfortable and reassured that my symptoms weren't in my head and I wasn't going crazy. It was nice to be listened to.
Kathie also encouraged me to call if I... Read More

JW - March 2022

Absolutely couldn't recommend Kathie enough after struggling for so long trying to get the doctors to listen with no help I found out about Kathie through a menopause fb page in my area and am so thankful for her understanding and help its still early days but I feel a little better already on my hrt and am really hopeful I will start to just get more well as time goes on and kathie is always there to help if you feel like your struggling to reassure you!

GG - March 2022

Kathie asked lots of questions and listened closely which was really important to me. All options were explored and explanations given at every point. I came away with a prescription for my GP so waited a few days to start the HRT however this could have been sooner if I had paid for a private prescription. Kathie explained the costs and it was my choice. The letter to my GP was detailed and correct. I really cannot fault any part of this process and for me, it was well worth the cost.

KD - March 2022

I felt listened to at my consultation with Kathie, after a couple of appointments with my GP who brushed me off with anti depressants. I’d done a bit of research before the consultation and learnt a lot more from Kathie. I would highly recommend so much that my sister and 2 of my friends have booked in.

LS - March 2022

I was so grateful to Kathie at my appointment, just to have someone listen and ask me all the right questions. I left feeling so much more positive knowing that I was getting the treatment plan I needed and getting back to feeling myself again.

LG - March 2022

It was fantastic to talk with someone so knowledgeable. Kathie was so understanding and made me feel so comfortable.

EJ - March 2022

Kathie was incredibly thorough and helpful and I left my consultation feeling like I had all the information I needed to start some treatment. I have no criticism at all and the whole experience from booking to seeing Kathie (who is lovely) was seamless.

JM - March 2022

Yes it really helped me just to be reassured that this is what I needed. I had everything explained to me as I was worried about HRT. I do think that you should be able to get a prescription without it costing the earth before you leave. Everything else was great x

ES - March 2022

Sound advice/confirmation of correct HRT prescription, slight alteration required to dosage/application of tablets and gel.
Taking on board the adjustments Kathie suggested, week 3 and I feel like myself again. I have my life back!
Written information to take away, you don't remember everything. Take someone with you if appropriate, two heads are better than one.
Online/download pre appointment questionnaire for health/symptoms history, an hours appointment didn't seem long enough.

HW - February 2022

Kathie is very professional at her job and at the same time makes you feel very comfortable whilst talking to her about your problems. In fact it was the first time I actually felt a health professional was really listening to what I was saying and also fully understood me. I am not quite there yet with my HRT as it’s still a working progress but hopefully in a few months time I will feel normal again. I certainly would recommend Kathie as I found my experience with her very professional... Read More

KT - February 2022

After meeting Kathie on my menopause journey, I came away feeling more positive about sticking with hrt. She explained everything from what is available to get on prescription, how to use each and every one. All the health benefits of being on hrt. And how trial and error is a big part of getting it right.. as I’m still not quite there yet with the switching and changing products I’m 80% and more positive that a little more tweaking I’ll be 100%
Kathie is very professional and easy to... Read More

SM January 2022

Kathie thoroughly discussed all aspects of my health, in a very calm and reassuring manner. It was discussed what treatment I was currently on, problems I had been experiencing ( Kathie arranged a check up at the hospital for me). It was also discussed the best way to proceed, and adjustments to my medication. Kathie also asked if she had covered everything and did I have any questions to ask. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathie. I felt so much better after my appointment with her.

JK January 2022

Thank you, Kathie. I really appreciated the time to explore options in depth and detail.

BM January 2022

I was really suffering with the HRT my GP had put me on, Kathie told me to stop taking it until I saw her, she listened carefully to me them gave me other options to look at, we settled on patches and tablets and so far they have worked better for me, always responds to emails quickly, thanks Kathie x

JM January 2022

Kathie was great, attentive and listened to what I had to say and made me feel at ease.
Though I still haven’t had a copy of the letter sent to my doctor?

Apologies C, my mistake - copy has been forwarded to you. Kathie

CD January 2022

Kathie was very professional and reassuring. At no point did she make me feel like I needed to 'fight' to have my symptoms taken seriously. Kathie is on your side. She took a very thorough health history. The process is slick. Kathie writes up consultation notes (you approve) sends them to you and your GP (with your consent). I didn't even need to visit my GP but then got a text saying my prescription was available to order online. Kathie very quickly responded to a few follow-up questions I... Read More

CD September 2021

Kathie was so understanding and helpful. I felt like at last someone was listening to me.

SP September 2021

I found my consultation with Kathie Cooke extremely helpful. She helped me understand my condition, the options available to me and devise a management plan. I found her manner very reassuring. My only suggestion would be written information on the various regimens available with pros and cons as I found this info difficult to recall. (Nice has a sheet for choice of anti hypertension medication). Thank you.
In reply - thanks S, I will take this suggestion onboard.

SD - September 2021

I had a consultation with Kathie Cooke because my GP was uncertain whether I should have HRT due to my older age and complex medical history. I got an appointment with Kathie very quickly and she wrote a very detailed letter to my GP with recommendations on what to prescribe. I had reason to ask Kathie for further clarification for the GP and she responded within a day. I got the impression Kathie knows her subject extremely well, she listened to me and I had a great deal of faith in her.

TM - September 2021

Kathie Cooke is extremely knowledgeable in the area of peri-menopause and menopause; she gleans in depth details around your health and symptoms, to gain a thorough understanding of her client.
During my initial appointment, Kathie provided comprehensive explanations around the various medications which could be used to help alleviate my symptoms, demystifying a lot of the noise around HRT which provided reassurance.
Kathie is always on hand if you have any questions.
Highly recommend

DM - September 2021

Appointment with a very knowledgeable and professional expert who provided useful advice and support and presented the facts, side effects and risks associated with HRT. Thank you.

RG - September 2021

Thank you so much for listening to me yesterday, for your detailed consultation summary which is really helpful and for your guidance. I found the consultation to be invaluable and I am very grateful to you for all of your advice and expertise. I look forward to trying the new HRT regimen and will let you know how it goes or if anything needs to be tweaked. I will not hesitate to recommend you to other women seeking advice in similar circumstances. Thank you so much again Kathie.

AM - September 2021

My visit with Kathie was fine, still taking things slowly waiting for my new HRT regime to kick in and hopefully it works. Was all good and kathie gave me some good information ?

JB - August 2021

Kathie explained available options to me & really put me at ease, I am just over a week into my new medication regime but feel reassured that in time this will help reduce some of the symptoms of Perimenopause. Kathie was really knowledgeable & empathetic and answered all my questions.

LB - August 2021

I was desperate for help with regards to menopause symptoms. I’d been to my doctors many times and was fobbed off. I was at my wits end and then I came across Kathie. I carried out my research before booking an appointment with her. Kathie was lovely, putting me at ease and going through all of my symptoms before advising on my next steps. Even after my appointment Kathie has been on hand with any questions I’ve had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kathie.

JE -August 2021

I had a meeting with Kathie, after not getting any benefit of the HRT i had been on for 5 months and not getting any help from my Dr's. I immediately felt very relaxed and could have sat and chatted all day with her. After talking through the HRT treatment I had been (patches) Kathie talked to me about other alternatives, I chose to go with tablet at night and the gel treatment. So glad I made the call, just knowing iIcan pick up the phone and talk to somebody who can give advice.

DB - August 2021

My session with you was just what I needed. Many thanks.

JB - August 2021

I would like to thank you Kathie for advice on use of HRT in relation to worsening of migraine symptoms.

AJ - August 2021

My consultation with Kathie was extremely helpful. Kathie was patient and explained everything in a calm and relaxed way putting me at ease. All questions were answered from an evidenced based perspective and Kathie”s experience shone through aiding me to make an informed and educated decision about my treatment.

SSS - August 2021

I Highly recommend Kathie. She is so knowledgeable, she really put me at ease. I have been back and forth to my GP for three years reporting symptoms. I felt like I was fobbed off each time. Kathie really listened to me and I feel like I am now receiving the help and support I have needed for so long.

AC - August 2021

Lots of great advice and a lot of knowledge there, which is refreshing.
You gave great info on doses and we're enlightening about waiting to see if I need testosterone. Also it was good to know the approx cost of it.
One thing that could be improved a little is to listen more. I felt I had to interrupt to get to say anything.
That said you covered all the points accurately in your letter and didn't seem to miss anything. It was really nice that you said I could contact you too.
Thank you.

JS - August 2021

Thank you Kathie. I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday and gaining a more detailed and balanced insight into HRT and the benefits. To that end, I have recommended you to my sister and I believe she has booked a consultation with you for Wednesday!
I look forward to getting started and I’ll be in touch as and when I feel it necessary.

SC - August 2021

Thank-you for listening to me about my concerns. A very knowledgeable consultation which talked through all my symptoms in detail. I was prescribed the best product that matched my needs. Thank-you!!

NS April 2021

I was very happy with my consultation with Kathie, she was extremely Knowledgeable and I felt really listened to and not at all rushed. I am very confident that I received the best possible advice and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others.

SP April 2021

Kathie was very understanding of my issues and provided clear and helpful information, She offered a choice of options and her advice was invaluable. Kathie showed empathy towards my situation and her guidance as to what my best treatment was delivered in a supportive and knowledgeable manner. I have now been taking the medication for a week and the change in my situation has been amazing. I can't thank Kathie enough for her kindness and professionalism, my life has changed in a week! Thank you... Read More

JD April 2021

I found Kathie to be extremely knowledgeable regarding menopause symptoms and how to approach them. My one hour consultation with her instantly made me feel better and I cam away with a sensible plan of action to help alleviate my symptoms. Wonderful lady.

SD - April 2021

After visiting Kathie it gave me confidence that there were lots of options to help with the menopause, and you were given plenty of information to help with any decisions you may have to make especially when everything is not straightforward. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathie to anyone who may be struggling with their own menopause. Because as women we need all the help we can get to get through it.

GM - April 2021

Kathie was very informative and professional.

SC  - April 2021

I found the session extremely helpful, with practical advice on how to manage HRT medication and the associated side effects (which are minor). Kathie was extremely knowledgeable and I felt comfortable and listened to during the whole consultation.

EW April 2021

I felt that you really took the time to listen to me Kathy. I am using the patches and progesterone. And I hope this will help me. I now feel a noticeable difference already. Thankyou x.

NV February 2021

Very reassured by Kathie's advice and pleased that my GP has responded to her suggestions unequivocally.

HR February 2021

If you feel like your GP isn't an expert in the menopause field or you just get fobbed off then please consider this empathetic service. I have benefited immensely from specialist knowledge and advice given by Kathie.

VB February 2021

I had a consultation a couple of weeks ago with Kathie, after not really getting anywhere with my own GP. Booking-in process was easy, I had my consultation via Zoom with Kathie at my request due to covid restrictions. Kathie was excellent, I felt understood, she explained the reasons for me feeling the way I do. The same day Kathie emailed over my consultation form in order for me to take to my GP. I am day 15 of my new HRT meds and honestly I feel a million times better - Feel like me again!

AE February 2021

"The consultation was thorough, I had the time to fully discuss my symptoms and concerns, to receive the information I needed including a private prescription. I had tried my GP but there was no menopause specialist. I felt I wasn’t being listened to, that it was a tick box exercise based purely on my age. I was told what I couldn’t have as opposed to providing me with information or other alternatives. So thank you Kathie! "

NM January 2021

Despite my consultation being via video link due to covid restrictions, I found Kathie to be very warm and easy to speak to. I had complete confidence in her advice and in the outcome of my consultation. The prescription process was quick and efficient and the report for my GP was sent through to me speedily. Kathie asked me to keep her updated on my progress and she has replied to these updates quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathie to any woman seeking professional, expert... Read More

SB - January 2021

My consultation went really well. I felt listened to and given all the time I needed, Since commencing HRT I have noticed some improvement. Still anxious but this has reduced a bit. Thank-you for all your help. I will keep you posted.

LT January 2021

Incredibly helpful consultation with Kathie which made me feel normal again and that there were options to help me feel better.

LB January 2021

Fabulous, really knowledgeable. Very friendly and professional. Thorough assessment and went through all options. Would not hesitate to recommend and indeed have already done so. Thank you.

SR October 2020

Kathie is fantastic. My consultation was exactly what I needed to process what I had been told given my recent diagnosis of POI. Kathie has gone above and beyond to ensure that I have received the care that I need and she has endeavoured to ensure that I have no questions left unanswered. Thank you so much.

AT October 2020

Excellent service, Kathie eased my worries regarding my symptoms, I will be recommending the clinic to my friends.

VB September 2020

My consultation with Kathie was very thorough and professional. Kathie is extremely personable, helpful and is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of female hormones. She has got me feeling back to normal, I'm delighted to say! Have recommended her private services to my friends.

NM  Sept 2020

The whole process was so quick and easy after struggling on for so long thinking there was no help out there for me. Having found your service and making an initial contact, booking my face to face consultation was a simple and very smooth process. I found our consultation to be comfortable and informative and finally felt like someone was really listening to me and that I was not in fact going mad. The session, options available and treatment have literally changed my life. Thank you Kathie

EG August 2020

Thankyou so much for sending me all the information. I've had a good read around everything. My talk with you really put my mind at ease and confirmed for me that I'm on the right track. I'm telling all my friends about you!

WJ August 2020

From the moment I emailed Kathie she was so helpful, when I arrived at the consultation Kathie was really friendly and put me at ease, it was relaxed and we had time to discuss the problems and concerns. I only wish I had booked a consultation sooner. Thank you so much to Kathie for all her advice and support but most importantly for listening to me.

KF July 2020

Despite my consultation being via video link due to Covid restrictions, I found Kathie to be very warm and easy to speak to. I had complete confidence in her advice and in the outcome of my consultation. The prescription process was quick and efficient and the report for my GP sent through to me speedily. Kathie asked me to keep her updated on my progress and she has replied to these update quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathie to any woman seeking professional, expert menopause... Read More

EB July 2020

Excellent consultation, lots of questions answered and listened to, good advice, I would recommend Kathie to anyone. Independent Pharmacy are a bit hit and miss, still trying to access my prescription.
(apologies E, from Independent Pharmacy - prescription was delayed but sent within a day or two).

ES July 2020

I would highly recommend Katie to anyone experiencing any difficulties/problems with the menopause. From the first phone-call to my consultation, all was very informative. I was told much more by Kathie than any other healthcare professional. I've now started medication and I'm feeling positive. Thankyou

JM May 2020

Excellent personalised service. I felt Kathie was very knowledgeable and made some very helpful practical suggestions as well as explaining all the options to me. I am now taking a programme of HRT that seems to be working for me (early days 2 weeks in) both practically and for symptoms. Very good prescription delivery service too.

ML May 2020

I have been contemplating HRT for a few months and just wanted to speak to a specialist and have the opportunity to find out more information.Kathie is very approachable and explains everything well. It's worth having a consultation.

JL June 2020

Kathie was so easy to talk to and I immediately felt supported. My own GP was very unhelpful and it was a huge relief to talk to an expert on the matter. I've started treatment and feel much much better. No sweats anymore improved sleep and feeling much more confident. Concentration much better and feeling a lot happier. Wish all women could get this great service and support. Highly recommended.

GS May 2020

Thanks again for all your help. I wish I’d come to see you sooner. You were right. All my symptoms were down to lack of oestrogen. It worries me how many women are being given all sorts of other medication when HRT is what they need and how many are suffering in silence when there is really no need.
Thanks so much .

WO May 2020

Thanks Kathie, this is great, I feel really hopeful things will improve and I understand the whole document really clearly, so thank you.

KL Feb 2020

Dear Kathie, the letter is great. The consultation was extremely helpful. Ill let you know how I get on!

WO Feb 2020

Thank you Kathie, cleared up numerous concerns I had. I'm moving forward confidently.

JW March 2020

I recently went to see Kathie because I was having a terrible time with menopause. I felt the doctor didn't know much about the menopause and the medication he had prescribed me wasn't helping. Kathie is really knowledgeable about the menopause. I found the consultation very helpful and she recommended a change in my HRT. I would highly recommend Kathie as she was helpful and understands how women feel.

DH March 2020

I found our consultation really useful on Saturday. Just being listened to and not being rushed out the door after 10 minutes made a huge difference. Your obviously very knowledgeable about women’s health and that really came over in our conversation.

AR - Jan 2020

Good morning Kathie, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. I found the consultation extremely useful and reassuring, so thank you for that.

MH - Dec 2019

Many thanks for your time yesterday it was most helpful and for doctors letter attached.

KW - Dec 2019

Thank you for your time and patience it was very much needed and appreciated.

MD - Dec 2019

I Liked the relaxed approach to making an apt, the appointment itself was very thorough, giving me time to discuss all of my potential symptoms and arrive at a diagnosis. 2 Drawbacks, 1. My doctors have written to ask me to organise an appointment with them as well which will take more time out of my busy schedule – probably more an issue with them than you. 2, while the appointment felt very personalised the referral letter I received was not, it was cut and paste, with someone else’s ... Read More

RP - Dec 2019

Hi Kathie yes I found it very useful, thank you so much.

AML - Nov 2019

Absolutely amazing, Very well informed and made to feel at ease and listened to would highly recommend.

AF - Nov 2019

The consultation proved to be a very positive experience. Kathie was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable talking to her and she listened to what I had to say. She provided me with what I hope to be a solution to my problems. Body identical HRT. I would highly recommend a visit to her if you are having a tough time due to the perimenopause/menopause.

JC - Oct 2019

I can only compliment Kathie Cooke. I wish I’d seen her years ago. She’s definitely an expert and is making sure I get all the help I need safely and quickly. I really didn’t realise what is out there and how much help you can get. Thank you Kathie!

RA - Oct 2019

Very impressed. Lots of information and I feel positive - thank you.


I'm so pleased I finally got too see Kathie. I feel much better already, and I haven't started my HRT yet.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've got my life back


I feel so much better, I only wish I'd come to see you sooner - thank you so much you were very kind to me.


I've had breast cancer and my GP couldn't advise me about treatments. Meeting Kathie was brilliant. I feel more confident and can properly think about my options.

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Kathie Cooke, MSc, Ba Hons, RGN